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How A Photo Booth Can Make Your Event A Blast

  Your wedding should be a night to remember. The music should be loud, the cake should be delicious, and the dress should be stunning. But you may wonder, what else can I offer my wedding guests to take it to the next level? What is that final touch of fun and whimsy that will […]

B&W Photo Booths are Making a Big Comeback at Weddings

When you think about media that is portrayed in black and white, what comes to mind? Perhaps you remember old photos of your loved ones. Those classic photos tucked away in a photo album. You can imagine what colors may have been there, but it makes it seem like the world used to look that […]

Ways to Energize your Event with a Photo Booth Rental

Every great host wants to make sure that their guests are engaged and entertained. They want everyone to walk away from their event feeling that the event was a success. The challenge with any event is to keep the energy up the entire time. We naturally go into events with way more energy than when […]

Tips for posing for your photo booth pictures

  A photo booth is the perfect chance to strut your stuff at an event. Whether it is a work event or a wedding, a photo booth provides a chance for you to get your picture taken on your terms. So you want to make sure that you look good and not uncomfortable. Photo booth […]

I Hired a Photographer, Why Do I Need a Photo Booth?

  Weddings are one of the most expensive days of most couple’s lives. There is no denying that. Couples spend thousands of dollars to have a once in a lifetime experience. There are decorations, entertainment, catering, and everything between to consider. The mentality for couples ends up being “why buy what I do not need?” […]

How Wedding Photo Booths Are Changing

  The use of photo booths at weddings has been evolving. At the dawn of the wedding photo booth, they would be tucked away in a corner. They were seen as an “optional vendor” at most weddings. Original wedding photo booths were a cute idea. Guests could play with some props and get their picture […]

Why 2022 will be the year of the Orbit 360 photo booth

  2022 is an exciting year for venues. People are getting more comfortable with attending events again. After a couple of years of having to isolate, people are venturing out to have new experiences. People will want to have these new experiences documented. What better way than with a photo booth! But which photo booth […]

3 Trending Photo Booths For 2022

In the new year, everyone is looking for change. They are looking to leave their mark and chart a new course. Weddings are getting more and more elaborate. This year will be no exception. The best way to capture these new memories is with a more elaborate photo booth. While there is nothing wrong with […]

What Your Photo Booth Choice Says About You

  So you want to have a photo booth at your next event? That’s great! Photo booths are a great addition to events for a variety of reasons. They are fun for guests to have extra entertainment. They capture memories of your event. They show you care about your guests’ experience. They create keepsakes and […]

How to Choose the Right Backdrop

  One of the best things about using a photo booth at your next event is how customizable they are. When people think of a photo booth, they tend to think of the school picture style of backdrop. They think of that stagnant, blurry background that was never flattering for anyone. It often had nothing […]