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Weddings are one of the most expensive days of most couple’s lives. There is no denying that. Couples spend thousands of dollars to have a once in a lifetime experience. There are decorations, entertainment, catering, and everything between to consider. The mentality for couples ends up being “why buy what I do not need?” This is a fair mindset to have and one that will end up saving you money in the long term. One of the vendors that will end up going to the wayside for some couples is the photo booth. They ask themselves “I hired a photographer, why do I need a photo booth?” But these are not the same vendor. Sure, they both take pictures, but their function is completely different. A photo booth is a strong addition to the wedding vendor team and should still be considered.

Photographic Oversight

A photo booth can fill in the blind spots that a photographer cannot fill. Think about when you have gone to other weddings with professional photographers. All the pictures are centered around the couple. This is appropriate of course, but you may have felt slighted as a guest. You were probably in a few big group shots and a few with the couple. As a guest, you would have enjoyed having the opportunity to get a picture for yourself. You worked hard to pick out the outfit for this wedding. You spent time dolling yourself and making sure you looked presentable. You and all the other guests deserve your own moment in the spotlight. A photo booth is the way for your guests to make their own lasting memories.

Freedom of Expression

In the hands of a professional photographer, a camera is a tool for image fabrication. It is an unbiased observer of the wedding that captures moments in a clean way. While this is needed for documenting the wedding, it lacks a certain heart. The photo booth experience is all about self expression. It places the power of capturing moments in your hands. You can take a picture with whomever you want in whatever way you want. You get the freedom of expression that you would not have with a wedding photographer. Plus, there are so many innovative new photo booth options available. It does not have to be the classic “Say Cheese” photo booth format. Now, you can take the photo booth with you or even have it move around you. No matter which photo booth option you choose, you will end up with artistic, unique photos of your guests.


Bang for your Buck

You still may not be sold on a photo booth being worth the money. The experience would be great, but something has got to give sometimes. Photo booths can be used for more than a few silly pictures of friends and family. A photo booth can be used as keepsakes in the form of party favors. A photo booth can be used as your wedding guest book. A photo booth can literally be used to create a giant mosaic using your guests faces as the puzzle pieces. Using a photo booth instead of many vendors for these items can save you money in the long term. It is insane the way a photo booth can be used to cover more items on your vendor list than just a fun experience. You can get more bang from your buck using a photo booth than you might expect.

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