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Your wedding should be a night to remember. The music should be loud, the cake should be delicious, and the dress should be stunning. But you may wonder, what else can I offer my wedding guests to take it to the next level? What is that final touch of fun and whimsy that will offer a special keepsake and a few laughs? We recommend a photo booth

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a cute and interactive way to keep the party going and highlight your friends and family. Set-up is simple and execution is a breeze. Simply hire an additional photographer and find a corner of the venue to place a back-drop and some props. Big glasses, funny hats, and feathered boas are definitely encouraged. For even more fun, have some cardboard cut-outs made of the bride and groom for people to pose with, or even a green screen backdrop for photo editing. The possibilities are endless with a photo booth at your special ceremony.

This is an especially great idea if you plan on having young people attend your wedding. Kids can get bored, especially if it’s the end of the ceremony and you and your partner are off taking your own pictures before the reception. The young ones can play dress-up, strike silly poses, and feel like an active part of the festivities. Their parents will be happy to see them enjoy themselves while they mingle with friends and embrace the spirit of the evening. And afterwards, they’ll have silly, sweet mementos to look back on fondly. Weddings can be tense, and what better way to ease any tension than with a few goofy photos with your friends. After all, the bride and groom can’t have all the fun.

A wedding lives on in the photographs. The memories of the night two souls were merged can be forever remembered in pictures and videos. Think of your mother’s smile, your father’s face as he holds back tears, your sister’s laugh, and your wife’s sparkling eyes as you tell her she’s yours forever. The most important job at any given wedding is not the priest’s or even the cook’s; it’s the photographer’s. And what better way to get a fuller memory of the experience than with a wacky, interactive photo booth. Your guests can shine and cut loose like never before with their own spotlight and camera. 

The only drawback to a photo booth is ensuring you have space for it. Some venues are limited, and may not offer enough room for the extra element of fun. Communicate with your wedding planner or the venue representative and see if you have space indoors or outdoors for such an offering. Indoors is much better, since you can have full control of lighting and don’t have to worry about weather. For any costumes and props, you can stop in your local party store and find accessories that fit your theme, or that are just plain fun. Don’t get too bogged down with planning your photo booth; after all, it’s just a little extra offering for your guests and their children. Hosting a photo booth is a unique and uplifting idea that will satisfy members of every age group.

So, if you want your wedding to be truly unforgettable, give your guests the gift of a little fun. A photo booth invites creativity and puts the spotlight on those you love the most. And what’s to stop the bride and groom from getting in on the fun? Take a silly pic or too and really enjoy your special day with a photo booth at your next wedding!

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