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2022 is an exciting year for venues. People are getting more comfortable with attending events again. After a couple of years of having to isolate, people are venturing out to have new experiences. People will want to have these new experiences documented. What better way than with a photo booth! But which photo booth is going to be the biggest hit of 2022? What is the photo booth that is going to make your event standout the most? We believe that the Orbit 360 Photo Booth is going to be the trendiest photo booth of 2022.

A Modern Twist on a Classic

The classic photo booth lacks what the Orbit 360 photo booth experience can give. The Orbit 360 takes a video that goes around you and your guests. While the classic photo booth is a classic for a reason, the Orbit 360 is the more modern equal. Photo booths have historically been a way to take a two dimensional photo of someone. But it lacks a certain creativity. With the Orbit 360, you can think in three dimensions to get every angle of you and your guests. The Orbit 360 Photo Booth even sounds and looks futuristic. It will be a hit with any kind of event at any venue.

Versatile Venues

Venues can range in size and styles. The Orbit 360 can use your venue as the backdrop of your photo booth. You can use a green screen option, but nothing screams “I was there” like using your venue as your backdrop. It makes each photo unique and interesting. The way the video is taken makes it so you can get a great shot every time. The Orbit 360 can be used at work events, weddings, school functions, or anywhere you may need it. No matter where you are, the Orbit 360 Photo Booth can get a unique photo that is sure to “wow” others.

More People, More Fun

The amount of people at your event can vary too. Sometimes the standard photo booth is not equipped to handle a larger group or can be too much for a smaller group. The Orbit 360 takes the frame out of the picture. You can fit a group together without worrying about cutting people out. The experience goes quickly so you will not have to be too concerned with people having to wait forever to get their photos taken. That way, more people can get their picture taken. Guests will be excited to have their photos taken in a 3 dimensional way. They got all dressed up for your event so they will want to show off their look! They can grab other guests to join them and take their creativity to new heights.


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