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A photo booth is the perfect chance to strut your stuff at an event. Whether it is a work event or a wedding, a photo booth provides a chance for you to get your picture taken on your terms. So you want to make sure that you look good and not uncomfortable. Photo booth pictures can be difficult to pose for. What is the vibe you should give off on the photo? Should I smile or should I smize? What do I do with my hands? Well, here are a few tips that will be able to help you feel more comfortable taking your photo booth pictures.

Don’t “Pose”

It may seem odd that the first tip on how to pose for a picture is to not pose. It may seem backwards, but the more you try to look natural in a photo the less natural you will seem. Keep yourself loose and do not think too hard about it. Whether you are taking a serious photo or a “silly one” you want to come across as natural. We have all seen those staged styles of photos from elementary school. Those headshots look so unnerving and sterile. Your photo booth photos should be an expression of how much of a good time you were having at the event.

Give Open Body Language

The only thing to keep in mind with posing without posing, is to keep yourself open. Folding arms or tucking your chin can come across as aloof. Unless you are trying to recreate a pose for nostalgia’s sake, there is really no reason to close off your body. Your posturing should be warm and inviting. Look at the camera with warmth as well. The more warmth you give to the camera the better your picture will turn out.

Don’t Go Alone

A photo booth is better as a shared experience. Even if you look insane in the photos, you can have a laugh together. Sometimes a photo booth is not about the pictures. The photo booth experience is meant to be just that: an experience. Take a picture with a friend. Take a picture with a group of friends. Take pictures with many groups of friends. You can get more ideas from your pals about how you should all pose together. The more the merrier! This can also get you into that comfortable state more easily. There will be less pressure for you to perform. You will not have to be the sole focal point. Plus, your friends could have been equally as nervous about posing for the photo booth. Feeling included will help anyone feel more comfortable and have a positive memory to go with it.

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