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The use of photo booths at weddings has been evolving. At the dawn of the wedding photo booth, they would be tucked away in a corner. They were seen as an “optional vendor” at most weddings. Original wedding photo booths were a cute idea. Guests could play with some props and get their picture taken. They were something to do in the down times of the wedding. But photo booths have taken on a new life. They are stepping into the spotlight. Wedding photo booths have started to become the main event at wedding venues all over. Their uses are versatile and are now being used to their full potential.


The classic photo booth would have one keepsake option. The small slip of polaroid style photos that would be for you and a friend. But now the photos are taken digitally. They can be shared with you and anyone else you want to share the pictures with. This gives you so much more possibilities to share. Many photo booths also do some kind of video format. This is helpful if you did not get the look you wanted in one take. It used to be that you would have to take the photos over and over again to get the right picture. This was so wasteful and time consuming. Now a photo booth attendant can help you get the best picture every time.

Photo booths are being used as memorabilia for the couple as well. Using a photo booth as a guest book can give a little flair to the usual guest book. It matches a face to a name and is a time capsule for what everyone looked like on that wedding day. Couples can also opt for a Wall Mosaic Photo Booth. This lets your photos be a piece of the puzzle in a larger art piece.

Self Contained Entertainment

Guests end up with a good bit of down time at weddings. There are plenty of moments where the couple is whisked away for photos of their own or people need a breather. A Photo Booth is now a great way to fill this gap in a more entertaining way. With the Free Form Roaming Photo Booth, guests can pass around the photo booth themselves. They do not have to line up and wait for the photo booth. You and other guests can flex your creative muscles and make their own memories. With the Social Photo Booth, guests can walk a runway and feel like a superstar. While the couple is getting their picture taken, you can be the star with rapid photos taken in an easy way.

Unique Experiences

Photo booth experiences have transported themselves into another dimension. The third dimension specifically. The Orbit 360 Photo Booth captures a 360 degree video of participating guests. It is a unique experience that will have you walking away feeling like the coolest person in the room. The Monday Slow Motion Photo Booth offers another kind of unique experience. This photo booth deals in capturing your video in slow mo. It is a quirky photo booth that is definitely not something you see every day. This draws in guests to enjoy a photo booth experience they may have never even thought of before.

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