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So you want to have a photo booth at your next event? That’s great! Photo booths are a great addition to events for a variety of reasons. They are fun for guests to have extra entertainment. They capture memories of your event. They show you care about your guests’ experience. They create keepsakes and an experience that is quite unique. But there are a lot of different styles of photo booths at the ready. What does your choice of photo booth say about you?

The Classic Photo Booth

You’re going with the safe choice, but a great choice. You are someone who likes the classics. You want to know that the photo booth will be familiar for your guests. You like things to be the way they are. Your motto is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”






The Social Photo Booth

You are a person who is very go, go, go. You know what you like and you get it quickly. But even though you live life in the fast lane, you like the freedom to do as you please. You’re a free spirit.





The Vintage Photo Booth

You don’t just like the classics; you LOVE them. You are the kind of person who loves to go with a theme for your party and stick with it. You like to stand out but in a more retro way.





The Free Form Roaming Photo Booth

You love being social. You thrive on interacting with others. You are the kind of person who has to get everyone with you in the selfie that you take. You go with the flow and are quite the extrovert.






The Monday Slow Motion Photo Booth

You’re a little bit quirky in the best way. You think outside the box and love to have fun. You are not the kind of person who likes to do things the way everyone else does them. Even though you are ahead of the curve, you still like to take things slow.





The Orbit 360 Photo Booth

You like to put your own spin on things. You are a confident person. You like to look at things from every angle. You’re a well rounded person.





The VIP Badge Photo Booth

You love function over form. Everything needs to have a purpose. You don’t like things to be superfluous. But you aren’t rigid. You like to have fun too!





The Wall Mosaic

You are sentimental and artsy. You are a collaborative thinker. You are the kind of person who can focus on the details. But you will always keep the big picture in mind.





The Pop Up Studio Photo Booth

You are a busy person who has their priorities in line. You know what you need and when you need it. You are not the type to dwell on things. You are efficient and organized.






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