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When you think about media that is portrayed in black and white, what comes to mind? Perhaps you remember old photos of your loved ones. Those classic photos tucked away in a photo album. You can imagine what colors may have been there, but it makes it seem like the world used to look that way. Maybe you think of the classic black and white television shows. Shows like “I Love Lucy” and “The Andy Griffith Show” hearken back to a simpler time. Black and white media has gone to the wayside as soon as color emerged on the scene. So why is the black and white aesthetic making a comeback? Why should you consider a black and white photo booth for your wedding?

Class and Elegance

Plainly put, the black and white photo booth is an elegant choice. The black and white look is dignified and refined. The black and white photo booth sets itself apart from its colorful counterparts. The look is simple and understated without coming across as too pretentious. You can make your photo booth feel like it came right out of the Roaring 20s. The era of class and excess in social gatherings. The same look can happen with a black and white photo booth. No matter what the theme of your wedding may be, the black and white photo booth is a great addition. It works best with a fancier affair, but can still work with a wedding that is more laid back. 


The black and white photo booth brings a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. Of course your wedding is happening in the modern era. But looking back on black and white photo booth photos of your wedding makes it feel locked in time. Did you get married in 2022 or 1917? Who could tell! There is a reason people have returned to the black and white look as an artistic choice. It is because it makes pictures feel like they were brought out of a time capsule. It gives the age without making them feel dated. The black and white photo look is timeless. 

Artistic Choice

Black and white photos are definitely more in vogue right now. But he black and white photo booth can stand out at your wedding. It is an artistic choice to only have a black and white option. Limits push the bounds for creativity. By taking color out of the equation, guests can flex their creative muscles. They can find ways to make their photos stand out without relying on color. There is a guarantee that all the photos will complement each other. Creating a collage or booklet of photo booth photos will be even easier. Everything will have a uniform tone that goes with every other photo. By making the choice to go with a black and white photo booth, you can make your wedding stand out in a beautiful way.

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