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In the new year, everyone is looking for change. They are looking to leave their mark and chart a new course. Weddings are getting more and more elaborate. This year will be no exception. The best way to capture these new memories is with a more elaborate photo booth. While there is nothing wrong with the classic photo booth, consider jumping onto the trend of a modern photo booth. Here are three great options that put a spin on the classic photo booth.

The Orbit 360

Capture all your best angels with the Orbit 360 Photo Booth. It is a completely new and innovative take on event photography. This photo booth makes you the center of attention as it takes a 360 degree video of you and your guests. It gives a cinematic feeling while also allowing you to be creative. It gives your guests the feeling of being on the red carpet. On a day that is meant to be about you and your partner, it is nice for guests to feel special too. Your guests will love how much fun they are having and you will love the images you get out of it. You can have a complete wraparound backdrop or use your event space as its background. It is a fun and new way to make your wedding memorable and modern.

The Free Form Roaming


Taking a note from selfie takers everywhere, the Free Form Roaming Photo Booth brings the photo booth to you. Photo booths can take up a lot of space. They can become an unwanted focal point if not placed effectively. The Free Form Roaming Photo Booth is especially useful for smaller venues or for those who want to have more floor space at the reception. It is a great way to integrate the photo booth experience into your wedding. Instead of having guests line up and wait to take a photo, it is right there for them to use. It also makes for unique backgrounds and groups of people. It will amaze you what people can think of when you give them the reins on taking their own portraits.

The Wall Mosaic

The big focus of 2022 is coming back together. Weddings are a prime example of unity and fellowship. Your photo booth can reflect that with the Wall Mosaic Photo Booth. This photo booth uses your guests as the paintbrush to create a sentimental work of art. Their images come together to create a larger image that you can pick yourself. It is a physical representation of how your guests are the puzzle pieces that brought you two together. 2022 is a year for coming together so what better way to symbolize that than with the Wall Mosaic Photo Booth? It also gives your guests an even better reason to go get their picture taken. The more engagement you have, the more keepsakes and memories will be formed.

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