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One of the best things about using a photo booth at your next event is how customizable they are. When people think of a photo booth, they tend to think of the school picture style of backdrop. They think of that stagnant, blurry background that was never flattering for anyone. It often had nothing to do with your school or was very tacky. But in the modern age, photo booths have progressed beyond this style. Now the challenge is instead of choosing a cookie cutter backdrop, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a background for your photo booth.

Matching the Color Scheme

One of the most basic, but classy options would be to choose a solid colored background. Photo booths can match the color scheme of your event correctly instead of finding a color that is close. There is a huge difference between cobalt and royal blue when it comes to color schemes. Getting the right color can make a huge difference between the colors complimenting or clashing completely.

Another option when it comes to color matching is using a backdrop that has your scheme but is an actual image. If your event has a lot of orange decor, a nice sunset photo would be nice. If it has a more black and white theme, a black and white skyline might work really well. Even a simple gradient or pattern can break up a solid background. I can be just enough to make the photos look more three dimensional.

Matching the Theme of the Event

This may be more obvious, but it’s worth pointing out. If you have a western themed party, you probably do not want a space background on your photo booth. If you are hosting an under the sea themed party, you probably do not want a Roaring 20s themed background. The background should probably match the theme of the event unless you are going for.

That is unless you want to go with a more ironic twist. A sandy beach background for a Christmas party could be a fun change. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative if you want to!

The Event IS the Background

An option that a lot of photo booths offer is to not have a background. Especially with the Orbit 360 and video photo booths, the event as the background can actually be better. Why try and make it look staged when you can get real on the scene photos? There can be some challenges with motion blur in the background or unforeseen lighting changes. But the photos will definitely feel more real. They will be the most authentic way you can express what it was like to have actually been at the event. Plus, you put in all that effort to make your event look nice! Why not include your hard work and show off the venue a little bit too? Go backdropless and enjoy the scenery!

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