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Photo Booth Picture Company

Seattle Photo Booth Rental

Capturing That WOW-Factor

Seattle Booths That Don’t Disappoint

Memories deserve to be captured in the highest quality. When we saw that many photo booth rental companies were offering the “traditional photo booth experience” with blurry photos and dusty set-ups, we had to act.

Many booths were both absurdly expensive and shockingly inaccessible. These rentals had transformed photo booths from a wonderful experience to an inconvenient add-on. We couldn’t let that continue.

Flipping Perceptions

How to Find the Best Photo Booth

Finding a fun Seattle Photo Booth is easy (when you know where to look). Anyone in Seattle knows it’s a city that appreciates good photography. So good photography is exactly what Photo Booth Picture Company offers. Gone are the days of clunky black boxes shoved in the corner of a reception, corporate event, or private party. Our modern, trendy booths have left unsightly set-ups and grainy print-outs where they belong: in the past.

Community events, store openings, or any Seattle gathering are perfect for photo booths. Every event tells a unique story, so every event demands a unique approach. With Photo Booth Picture Company, you always get the tailored, custom experience your event deserves.

Why Rent A Seattle Photo Booth?

Are Photo Booths Worth Booking?

Photo booths are more than just a camera on a stand. They’re an event enhancement. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your event has the right booth for your unique theme and tone.

Don’t settle for a photo booth that’s “good enough.”

Our unparalleled customer service and breadth of affordable options have brought us wide acclaim in the Seattle photo booth market.

At Photo Booth Picture Company, we didn’t like the idea of being some faceless business. So we always work directly with every one of our clients. We want to learn about your unique event. Then make it spectacular.
Quality Prints
We’ve seen booths that looked amazing but produced low-quality photos. A photo booth is only as good as the memories it creates. How will guests remember an event with a bad photo souvenir?
So you’ve got the tech, the camera, and the printed photos. What’s missing? A quality backdrop. Photo Booth Picture Company offers a variety of backdrops to match your event and decor.

Unique and Engaging Booths

Picture-Perfect Memories

If you are looking for a unique photo booth that will give you everything you need to create a snapshot of your happiness, Photo Booth Picture Company is here for you.

Whether it’s a wedding, school event, or birthday, we are ready to provide for any situation. A Photo Booth Picture Company booth brings parties to the next level with unforgettable souvenirs and experiences.
Product launches, grand openings, or any other major celebration deserves to be documented. Don’t let your celebration fall by the wayside. Rent a Seattle Photo Booth every guest will love.
Office Event
Corporate parties, annual banquets, and holiday events all show employees they’re valued and appreciated. Create the best business culture with the most memorable events.
Many Seattle community events are perfect for a photo booth. From music to art to culture, everyone appreciates a good time and a flattering photo. Our booths bring the community together.

Our Photo Booth Innovation

Start Planning Your Event Today

Yesterday’s photo booths were simple, unattractive, and low-quality. None of those are terms you’d find describing Photo Booth Picture Company booths.

Every one of our booths uses the highest quality cameras and software. They’re designed to provide an affordable, high-tech, and user-friendly experience.

Don’t wait! Call us today!

Every event without a Photo Booth Picture Company rental is a missed opportunity. If you’re planning an event or thinking about a party that may benefit from a photo booth, contact us today. We’re happy to work with you to create the event of your dreams.

The Best Photo Booths on the West Coast

How Photo Booth Picture Company Does It

It’s not just chance we’re the best photo booth rental company in Seattle. It’s all a matter of the best booths, the best photos, and the best planning. If you’re ready to see how Photo Booth Picture Company can make your next Seattle wedding, corporate event, or celebration the event of the year contact us now!

The short answer is: it depends on the photo booth. Many older booths would be considered tacky today. Though a retro-themed event may lean towards a more “dated” booth. It comes down to your event, its theme, and its goals. For networking or marketing, a more reserved booth may be best. But for a wedding or party, you want fun. It’s up to you!

Even though virtually everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket, photo booths have remained popular. This may have to do with photo booths offering something phones can’t: an atmosphere. With props, photo effects, and backdrops, photo booths offer something irreplaceable.

The vast majority of celebrations (both social and professional) can benefit from a photo booth. Wedding receptions, birthdays, holiday parties, retail events, non-profits, grand openings, and afterparties are just a few celebrations that can benefit. Photo booths bring guests together and break the ice to get the celebration rolling.

We don’t just provide the best photo booths in Seattle. We’ve also been enhancing events in Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent, Everett and other cities near Seattle. Our state of the art booths are taking Washington by storm. Make your next event the event of the year by renting a Photo Booth Picture Company booth today.

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