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A photograph is a glimpse into the past. It’s a frozen memory. A memory that someone can keep and treasure. A reminder of an amazing wedding, the best corporate party, or any other celebration. 

A photograph is also an invaluable memento with limitless potential. And if you want to preserve memories from your Massachusetts event, our Photo Booth rental boston are the perfect option.

Boston Photo Booth Rental

How to Create Unforgettable Events

There are countless reasons to book a photo booth in Boston. The rich local culture and hometown feel of the city attracts all kinds. And when you’re throwing Boston events, it’s important to consider creating lasting experiences. Any massive downtown event means families biting at the bit for an opportunity to capture those experiences with lasting memories. And a photo booth is the perfect way to create those.

County fairs, block parties, or any downhome-style gathering are perfect for photo booths. And every Photo Booth Picture Company booth is fully equipped to capture countless moments and preserve them in physical photos that can be kept forever.

Why a photo booth rental boston?

Are Photo Booths Worth It?

Now that everyone has a smartphone or a fancy camera, are photo booth rentals worth it anymore? Isn’t renting photo booths the domain of old malls and movie theatres anyway?

Not anymore.

Today, renting a high-quality photo booth is a different experience. And Photo Booth Picture Company booths can do many things a smartphone can’t.


Experiencing a quality photo booth is an experience everyone should have at least once. It’s more than just smiling for the camera. You’re transported into an environment you can let loose and capture the moment in.

Physical Memories

A photo booth rental boston also provides instant memories you can add to scrapbooks, refrigerators, or kept for safekeeping. Smartphones can’t do that. These aren’t outdated, dusty booths. They’re all state of the art.

Unbeatable Fun

On top of everything, a high-quality photo booth is a fun experience. It’s the one thing at any event that everyone is itching to be a part of. So if you’re having guests of all ages, a photo booth is the way to go.

Events That Need A Photo Booth

Event Enhancers

While you may not want to rent a photo booth to sit around the house, there are many suitable occasions. And in every case, a photo booth can be the perfect enhancement.

Wedding guests are just as involved in the big day as the bride and groom. And many are searching for a way to capture the best moments with photographs. Photo Booth Picture Company booths are the perfect way to create those mementos.

Boston is constantly throwing new festivals for Iowans to enjoy. They also present unique opportunities for the community to come together for fun times and good memories. Which is exactly where our amazing festival boston photo booths rental come in.

Corporate Events
Let’s face it, work is where we spend most of our time. So we develop close bonds with our coworkers, bosses, and employees. When it comes time for retreats, holiday parties, or socials, a photo booth is the best way to honor those connections.

Boston photo booth rental have been a staple of the entertainment industry for years. Theaters, get-togethers and everything in between can benefit from a well-placed photo booth. They also serve as great marketing and networking opportunities.

Our Photo Booth Innovation

Start Planning Your Event Today

Yesterday’s photo booths were simple, unattractive, and low-quality. None of those are terms you’d find describing Photo Booth Picture Company booths.

Every one of our booths uses the highest quality cameras and software. They’re designed to provide an affordable, high-tech, and user-friendly experience.

Don’t wait! Call us today!

Every event without a Photo Booth Picture Company rental is a missed opportunity. If you’re planning an event or thinking about a party that may benefit from a photo booth, contact us today. We’re happy to work with you to create the event of your dreams.

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Creating the Best Events in Boston

How We Do It

It’s no accident we provide the best photo booths in Boston. What it really comes down to is the best equipment combined with the best planning. And Photo Booth Picture Company has got planning and execution down to a science. Want to learn more? Contact us today and see how we can take your event to the next level.

Photo booths are perfect ways to break the ice. When guests are arriving to any event, there’s a natural stand-offishness. But adding in something like a photo booth immediately gives everyone something to do. It’s the perfect event enhancement, and their capacity to create lasting memories can’t be beat.

The list of events that can benefit from a photo booth is endless. But some of our favorite Boston events to provide pictures for are: weddings, corporate functions (retreats, conferences, etc), private parties, grand openings, afterparties, holiday parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations… really any kind of event is perfect!

While we’re primarily in Boston, we serve other cities throughout Massachusetts also. We’ve set up booths in Lowell Cambridge, Chelmsford, Waltham, and many others near Boston as well. If you’re in a location outside Boston, contact us for availability.

Photo Booth Picture Company Boston offers personal service, quality booths, and user-focused software. We also work directly with you to determine your event goals and how we can best achieve them. That’s how we’ve become the best photo booth in Boston.

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