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Photo booths have become quite in fashion in the past few years. It is rare that people can go to an event and not see some sort of photo booth. They are definitely trendy and serve a helpful purpose at events.

But what makes a photo booth a photo booth? Why are so many venues and events using them now? Let’s explore what a photo booth is and see if it can be a good fit for your next event.

So what is a photo booth?

In its simplest form, a photo booth is a portable booth for taking pictures. It allows participants to get their picture taken they way they want it done. The most basic models have a backdrop, a camera, and a professional to take the photos. That’s basically it.

Photo booths can also have fun props that can go with a specific theme. The backgrounds are adaptable to whatever you may need. Being in the age of social media, there are several sharing options as well as the classic photo reel. The photo booth experience is customizable which can make your event stand out.

There have been plenty of advancements in what makes up a photo booth now. There are some that allow the participants to take high quality photos themselves. There are some that take 360° video or create gifs. These photo booths have changed and updated, but the concept is still the same.

Who is a photo booth for?

A photo booth can be helpful for a couple trying to get pictures of their guests on their wedding day. It can be an escape for those who may be overwhelmed by an event. It can also be for someone who is having such a blast they have to get a picture of themselves at this event. A photo booth can really be for anyone. It is a versatile booth that is fun for all ages.

Why do people use photo booths?

Whether it is a wedding, party, corporate event, or anything between, there will be down time. Not everything at an event should be go-go-go. There should be a place where guests can relax and enjoy the experience of being at the event. A photo booth is a great option for just that. People use photo booths for an experience. That is why they have become so popular since the experience of a photo booth is such a blast!

Most importantly, we like to capture memories. They can serve as a way to say “I was there” and for others to take a picture with them. The keepsake that guests can keep will be cherished memories that they can look back on for years to come.

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