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Our mosaic photo booth is really something special. Sure, every time you book a photo booth, it will provide a lasting memory of the event. People flock to photo booth rentals because they know that they’re always a big hit at any event from weddings to corporate events and everything in-between.


What is a Mosaic Photo Booth Anyway?


A mosaic booth is a collaborative effort that takes place at an event where the attendees will slowly take pictures and start unveiling the mosaic. Through proper placement, the mosaic is revealed in a sort of collaborative method that isn’t possible when renting a traditional photo booth.


Of course, some events will not warrant one of these booths because they can easily distract from the event.


You wouldn’t want to reveal this photo booth mid-wedding because if everyone is at the booth, who will be focusing on the bride and groom? Of course, we’ve also had weddings that have rented these booths and tactically revealed them to make the mosaic spring to life.


In short, a mosaic photo booth is a booth that is designed to:

    • Help get everyone involved

    • Bring a new, fun element to the event

    • Make people work together

    • Pique the interest of attendees


The mosaic will become a tribute to the event, and anyone that participated in revealing the mosaic will have an emotional interest in its creation. People take pictures, videos and share the mosaic far more often than they do the printouts of other photo booths because this is something that they helped create.


Why You Should Consider Mosaic Photo Booth Rentals


Photo mosaics are the talk of the town because they promote engagement in a way that very few photo booths can. Instead of being a singular picture or photo that is all about the person or persons in the booth, the mosaic makes everyone part of the event.

Guests will be able to:

    • Take pictures of the mosaic

    • Take videos

    • Receive keepsakes


When you walk close up to the mosaic, you’ll notice that small squares made up of individual photos that create the entirety of the mosaic. When people engage with the booth, they become a part of it, giving true purpose and meaning to the booth.


Guests can participate with the mosaic to create a larger picture in real time.


Photos can be taken from a variety of sources, including:

    • Text messages

    • Hashtags

    • Social media

    • Photo booth

    • Photographers


When the photo is printed, there’s a number that indicates where to put the photo sticker on the wall. If the guests follow the recommendations appropriately, the mosaic will come to life.


It’s not often that you can book a photo booth rental with a level of interactivity that is not seen in most booths on the market. During corporate or business events where people want to feel a sense of purpose and help with the event, our mosaic photo booth fills this desire.

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Pride In Our Work

Why We Do What We Do


Photography has always meant something to us. It’s where we got our start, after all. Being able to capture and preserve a moment or memory isn’t something you can get with anything else.  


As everything becomes more and more digital, photography (and by extension, photo booths) have to keep up with the times. That’s why we always try and stay as up-to-date and modern as we can with our photo booths.


Many people decide against booking a photo booth because they think they’re outdated or tacky. Granted, some still are. If we’re talking about some dusty curtain booth shoved in a corner with no attendant, then yes, we agree. They are tacky. But the booths we provide at Photo Booth Picture Company are always cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. You won’t find any tacky booths in our repertoire.


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