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Photo booth rentals are very much in fashion. Couples all over are using photo booths to capture the most intimate moments of their weddings. There is a lot to like about photo booths. They are entertaining for guests and are one of the most hands off vendors for the guests. But with the boom in photo booth rentals, there has been a boom in options. Before booking a photo booth rental, you should know what to expect from your photo booth experience.

The Experienced Attendant

No matter what photo booth you go with, you should expect that there will be a knowledgeable individual guiding the experience. While this is to be expected with your standard photo booth, some options may not seem like they need an attendant. The Free Roaming Photo Booth puts the photo booth experience in the hands of your guests. Even with this new way to do the photo booth, you should expect to have someone running point for the camera. If there is no one to handle issues that may pop up, then you can face more issues down the road. 


Photo booth attendants also serve a purpose as the face of your photo booth. Even if they are experienced, they should be approachable and friendly. If the attendant seems to be apprehensive or even rude, guests will not want to use the photo booth. Make sure the company you choose has the best and the brightest. It may not seem that complicated to take photo booth pictures, but there is the human aspect to consider.

Equipment On Hand

Technology is amazing, but it is very likely to break. Any number of issues can arise when taking photos. The battery can die. The storage can fill up. The lense can get smudged. Items can be dropped. Any of these small issues can end up stopping a photo booth in its tracks. 


When you go with the professionals, you know they will have extra equipment on standby. They have the expertise to fix any number of issues that may arise. A company that cannot offer onsite troubleshooting or will not at least try their best to fix it is a red flag. The more experience they have the better.

Experience Trumps All

With the photo booth boom, there are imposters who have arisen. Not everyone with a nice camera is necessarily a good photographer. You want to find a photo booth rental that has experienced individuals, but has the eye for new and creative solutions. 


The Photo Booth Picture Company prides itself in choosing the best people for the job. They have the skills to back up their hype. The Photo Booth Picture Company has plenty of options for photo booths as well. You can customize your experience and know exactly what to expect. By going with the professional choice, you can know that what you are going to get is a quality experience.

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