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To have, or not to have a photo booth at your wedding? That is the question of the day! When the budget is limited and the reality of the costs of wedding planning start to set in, does hiring a photo booth company fall to the list of “things to cut to save money”?

If you answered, “No!”, please keep reading for some of the reasons why you made the right choice! If you answered “Yes!” to this question, I’d also like you to take a minute and read this blog post, because it’s full of reasons why you should have a photo booth at your wedding.

Once you’re done reading and convinced that you absolutely need a photo booth at your wedding, reach out, and we’d be thrilled to hear from you! I mean, sure… you probably already hired a photographer (and possibly even a videographer) for your celebration, but we’re convinced that you can never have too many ways to capture your big day! 

We are of course biased, but in our vast experience in the industry, we think having a photo booth is totally worth it and never a waste of money. Here are 5 reasons why a photo booth plays a necessary role at your wedding!

Use Your Photo Prints As Wedding Favors

Think about the weddings you’ve been to recently. Did you keep the favors you’ve received from the last weddings you’ve attended? We know from experience that it’s often the first thing guests leave laying on the tables at the reception, or leave behind at the hotel. So, instead of going to the trouble of making and handing out a plant or homemade jam, seriously think about giving your guests a photo booth experience, and prints that your guests can share online, frame, and most importantly, keep!

They Can Replace A Traditional Guest Book

Having your guests pose for photos and write notes in your photo guestbook, will make your guest book much more personalized and fun! Trust us, as the years go by, and you get further out from your wedding, those messages and photos will increase in value exponentially! You’re going to love that you get to see the faces of the guests you invited to celebrate with you, next heartfelt messages from them! We almost guarantee that if you have other couples in the process of wedding planning, attending your wedding, they’re likely to seriously contemplate having one themselves!

It’s Good For All Ages

Are you planning on inviting kids to your wedding reception? Do you have several aunts and uncles or grandparents that have long since retired from the dance floor? From our experience… not every guest at your wedding is going to get up on the dance floor, so a photo booth is a great idea, as a fun, alternative activity at your reception. And, you should always ask the DJ and the MC to make announcements to visit the booth, so your guests are sure to take full advantage of your booking time!

Truly, people of all ages get into the idea (sometimes with a little coaxing) of putting on oversized sunglasses, hats, feather boas and using cute photo booth signs to show off their best poses.  And, lastly photo booths tend to even allow the old farts to loosen up and allow their child-like imagination a chance to rule. Aunt Edna in a bowler hat with a goofy sign? Priceless!

You Can Use A Photo Booth To Fill In Wedding Downtime

When it comes to weddings, no matter the size, there’s always something that is needed to break the ice and fill in the downtime; especially during cocktail hour, after dinner and before dancing, or the sometimes long gap between the ceremony and the reception. Photo booths can be an easy way to engage guests to gather around, talk, mingle, interact, and laugh together! 

By this time in your celebration, many of your guests are likely on their second (or so) cocktail so they’ll be feeling good and ready to let loose and have fun. From there a photo booth generally takes care of itself (but still get your DJ & MC to make announcements), because guests wander over to see what it’s all about, or their friends showed them their awesome prints, so now they want some of their own! 

From there, you have friends call other friends or family in for group photos, kids and parents posing together for a picture, maybe even strangers getting in the booth together, in a harmonious blending of multiple friend groups. Sounds pretty swell doesn’t it?!

Final Note…

If this article reaffirmed your thoughts on hiring a photo booth for your wedding, or convinced you that you now NEED to have a photo booth at your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can answer any questions you might have!


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