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It’s no surprise that Seattle leads the way in embracing wedding and event venues that envision a greener and more sustainable future. After all, Seattle is also known as the Emerald City for the year round lush & abundant greenery in the area. So, if the environmental impact of the wedding industry is a factor for you when planning your big day, peruse this little list of venues that are leading the way in terms of environmental stewardship and sustainability!

Crystal Mountain Resort

At Crystal Mountain Resort. You can say “I do” at 6,782 feet above sea level, while choosing from a variety of beautiful ceremony and venue spots. And, all the ceremony locations take full advantage of the jaw-dropping views, so it might be hard to pick one! But, what a good problem to have! And, your photographer will thank you for providing such an amazing natural backdrop for your wedding photos! 

And, as far as environmental impact, the resort has done away with single-use plastics in favor of compostable alternatives, and more than 80% of the waste produced at the resort is either recyclable or compostable, as well as being the first ski resort in North America to use diesel and electric snow groomers during the ski season. Knowing all of this, you can exchange vows overlooking Mount Rainier and feel confident that your wedding venue is making a serious effort to preserve the beautiful landscape, so it can be enjoyed for generations.

The Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Right off the bat, The Bell Harbor Conference Center boasts a Green Star certification from the International Association of Conference Centers. They received that certification by following a strict set of environmental impact guidelines including a 70% recycling rate — compared to Seattle 50% — as well as 90% of the cleaning products used  at the conference center being certified as green!  

Adding to its appeal, it also offers a beautiful waterfront wedding setting that makes it a no-brainer from a purely aesthetic standpoint. So, if getting married and hosting your reception, surrounded by panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay and the Seattle skyline, look no further than the Bell Harbor Conference Center. And making it even more convenient, the Conference Center is adjacent to the Edgewater Hotel, where guests can stay before and after the celebration and they can enjoy the only overwater hotel in all of Seattle!

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is situated along Lake Union and offers absolutely stunning views of the Seattle skyline and is a fantastic place for your outdoor ceremony! Gas Works Park is, in fact, the site of a former coal gasification plant. Instead of being demolished in 1965, when it was acquired by the city of Seattle, the plant was reimagined and given new life! 

The boiler house was converted into a large picnic shelter, and the exhauster-compressor building started its new life as a spacious barn. Now, the park is an ambitious model for how to embrace defunct industrial structures rather than destroying them. Creating beauty and new utility from the bones of a waste-generating plant!

Some of the most impressive innovations in the park’s design are its use of bioremediation technology that activates soil microbes to clean the land itself and prevents contaminated soil from having to be replaced. So, using the soil to clean the soil! Impressive! And, not to worry, all the structures in the plant have been deep-cleaned and remediated to ensure they are safe for guests! Yet, you can still take advantage of the ambiance that comes from the striking, rust-colored industrial backgrounds around every corner at the Park!

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