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When hiring a photo booth for your event, there are so many things to consider! What style of booth do you want, what kind of backdrop would compliment your event, how long do you want your photo booth to run, what do you want your photo prints to look like, and finally… props or no props? Well, it’s really up to you! Are you looking for a sleek modern photo booth experience, or an over-the-top invitation to play in the booth? Let’s explore the options.

Minimalist Booth

Maybe you’ve always had your heart set on a paired down, modern photo booth experience, including a more neutral backdrop, no props, and a blown out black and white photo style of photos. Maybe in your opinion the subject of the photo should be your guests and not the props. If that’s the case we can certainly make that happen!

Maximalist Booth

Maybe your very favorite photo booth experiences include a bright, bold, colorful backdrop, and a huge selection of props including goofy sunglasses, hats, feather boas and maybe even a custom balloon arch? Maybe in your opinion the photo booth experience is all about loosening people up, breaking the ice and really letting people play in the booth. If that describes your photo booth style, we can certainly do that too!

Themed Booth

Maybe your party has a definite theme, and you want to carry that theme all the way to your guest photo booth experience! Is your heart set on a ‘Roaring 20’s, Great Gatsby’ theme? Or how about a ‘Red Carpet, Old Hollywood’ theme? Or maybe you want your guests to feel like they’ve been whisked away with a ‘Tropical Paradise’ theme? It’s really up to you and your vision for your event! The sky’s the limit!

Branded Booth

Maybe you’re utilizing a photo booth for a corporate event, or brand launch party, and want your guests’ experience to reflect that. If that’s the case, we can help you to create a branded ‘step and repeat’ backdrop, to incorporate your company’s logo in the photos, and so the photos themselves can be used for promotional purposes. This is also a possibility!

Signs, Signs, and More Signs

Maybe in your opinion the best props are signs! After all, signs can help your guests to express themselves in an entirely different way than other props! If that’s the photo booth experience you want to create for your guests, we think that’s great! And, you’re in luck, because we have a huge selection of prop signs, and they can be customized to your event at your request!

So Many Options

As you can see, when it comes to photo booths and props, there is no right or wrong answer. The only real consideration is the type of experience you want your guest to have in your photo booth, and by extension, at your event! The sky truly is the limit, and we want to hear your ideas, or if you’re stuck, we want to help you figure it out! So, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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