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We’re here to tell you that there are so many events in a life worth celebrating! And, when we say that we don’t just mean the big ones, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or retirement. We even mean all the little moments in between the big ones. And, maybe you have personal milestones to celebrate that fall outside of the realm of the ordinary. If so, we encourage you to embrace them! Maybe you’re celebrating being newly single, maybe you’re celebrating a finalized adoption, maybe you’re having a self-commitment ceremony, maybe you’re getting a new puppy, or a new job! 

Whatever you happen to be celebrating, we know that every party can be greatly enhanced with the addition of a stellar photo booth!

Who Decides What’s Big Enough To Celebrate?!

Well… You do! No one else gets to decide what is or isn’t a celebratory milestone in your life or community! Maybe you want to host an end-of-summer/back-to-school party for the families and family friends in your circle! Who says that you can’t?! Naysayers, that’s who! 

So if living your best life means hosting elaborate parties multiple times a decade – or year – we think that’s amazing! How wonderful to live a life so full of moments to celebrate!

Isn’t Hiring a Photo Booth a Bit Much?!

Think about this… do we ever really have enough photos of our dearest friends and family? Do we, as people, ever get tired of chronicling our lives through photography? Do we ever regret coming together in celebration and leaving with tangible memories, aka photos?

Clearly the answer to all of the above questions is a resounding NO! There is no such thing as too many photos of our loved ones, and they are just the kind of mementos that only continue to appreciate in value over time!

Don’t Do It All Yourself!

It might be tempting to DIY your non-conventional milestone celebration, but we urge you to reconsider! Just because you’re not hosting a wedding, doesn’t make your party any less important! You still deserve to hire professional vendors, and experience the ease that comes from hiring people that are specialists in their chosen field!

As a bonus, your party attire is likely to be much more cost effective than wedding dresses or a tux and tails, so there’s lots of savings right there! And, hiring a photo booth to capture your event is a way bigger bang for your buck, than buying a fancy outfit!

Last Step… Party!

Whatever you’re celebrating, be sure to go all in, that way your guests can’t help but meet you there! You know what they say, passion is infectious! So share your passion with your nearest and dearest! It really has the beginnings of the most fantastic party!

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