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If you want to maximize your photo booth investment, then it’s important to communicate with your photo booth vendor and wedding venue early on, so you can avoid these fairly common photo booth setup mistakes! 

After all, you want all your guests (even the shy ones) to take advantage of the photo booth, so you can cherish those photos for decades to come! And, you want your guests to have prints as a keepsake of your big day! When it comes to our loved ones, there’s no such thing as too many pictures! 

With that in mind, here are some of the common photo booth set-up mistakes we’ve seen, and what to do about them!

The Theme Doesn’t Match The Party

The theme or style of the photo booth is one of the most important details when it  comes to hiring a photo booth for your wedding, so be sure to preview the layout/template of the photo booth prints, the style of backdrop, and selection of props, to ensure that it matches well with your wedding decor and motif. It’s also best to ensure that the physical booth will also fit into the theme and ambience of the venue. As in, you want to make sure that the company you hire is providing a professional photo booth set-up, and not something they’ve DIY-ed or slapped together.

Generally photo booth companies offer a selection of templates for the prints, and some even custom match your prints to your invitation or theme. So, if they don’t mention it, make sure to ask and they will likely be more than happy to show you some samples.

A Poorly Planned Photo Booth Location

The photobooth should really be located somewhere in the venue that everyone can easily see, conveniently visit and isn’t too crowded with other party elements. This can be achieved by speaking to the wedding venue, and letting them know how much space your photo booth vendor will need to set-up and getting an idea of where that will fit into your floor plan. Ideally the booth is located inside the room where the wedding is taking place (not out in the hallway), and close to either the bar or the dancefloor, and visibility is of course a must! 

Photo booths tend to naturally draw a crowd when they’re well placed inside an event space, as everyone wants to come over and join in on the fun!

The Booking Time Not Fitting The Party Timeline

Because photo booths are generally only hired for a limited period, and not the duration of the party, it is best to put them in a time slot where your guests will have freedom to wander about the venue. Some photo booths are mistakenly scheduled during the formal portion of the evening, during dinner and speeches, which means that either your guests won’t get to take full advantage of the booth, or the booth will be snapping away during speeches… awkward. 

Some of the photo booth booking times that work best are:

During cocktail hour when guests are arriving and mixing and mingling. We find that having a photo booth booked during this time can be a great ice breaker, can give some of your smaller guests something to do, and also give your guests who don’t want to indulge in cocktails a welcome diversion.

Another great time is after the formal portion of the evening is all finished, so that the photo booth is not competing with the other important elements of your big day. It’s a great way to get people engaged with the party after they’ve been sitting and eating, and it tends to put people in a party mood! You can even have your DJ or emcee announce the opening of your booth to get it started off with a bang!

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All of this to say that if you’re planning a wedding in the Des Moines, Connecticut, Seattle, Boston or New Hampshire areas, get in touch! We promise that we won’t do any of these things! We have extensive experience in the wedding industry and through trial and error over our many years in business, we’ve perfected our photo booth offerings to maximize guest engagement and fun!

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