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The holiday season can be a very hectic time of year. No matter what the celebration, there are so many things that go into planning holiday events. Some activities may not be suited for all holiday gatherings. But photo booths are tried and true. Capturing memories and promoting togetherness is shared by holidays and photo booths. Here are a few holidays that would be perfect for featuring a photo booth.


Christmas and Hanukkah


Family is at the core of Christmas and Hanukkah. Both take place at the same time of year and emphasize being together. What better way to capture the memories of being together than to take photos together! It is also pretty common to send cards to other families. You can get your Christmas/Hanukkah pictures taken and send them out in a unique way.


Sometimes these holidays can be more corporate. Office parties during the holiday season can be a blast, but they can also be awkward. An office does not have the same festive feel as being at home with family. A photo booth can cut that tension and help employees feel more comfortable.


Summer Parties


On the opposite end of the heat index, you have summer parties to consider. These often have an emphasis on fun, sun, and friendship. The more casual feeling lends itself to a photo booth that goes with the flow. Guests can take pictures at their leisure and jump in the pool right after. Summer goes by fast so capture every moment. The party can keep on going and everyone can hold onto these fleeting memories way after the summer is over.


Birthdays and Anniversaries


Some parties are not on everyone’s calendar. Birthdays and anniversaries are personal holidays that are most special to you. But we always celebrate them with those who are near and dear to us. A birthday or anniversary party is an annual reminder of who you were that year. Using a photo booth can create a keepsake to freeze that moment in time. The photos taken at a birthday or anniversary party can be looked back on for years to come. They can also be good for guests to remember that awesome party you threw and how much fun they had.


Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air! Parties can be really fun for singles or couples on Valentine’s Day. Those in a relationship can take a picture together to express their love. Cute couple photos in a photo booth are an adorable way to remember that Valentine’s party. Those who are single can take pictures with their friends, their crush, or even by themselves! Expressing love can be done in so many ways. A photo booth is a fun addition to this seasonal love party.


Pride In Our Work

Why We Do What We Do

Photography has always meant something to us. It’s where we got our start, after all. Being able to capture and preserve a moment or memory isn’t something you can get with anything else.  

As everything becomes more and more digital, photography (and by extension, photo booths) have to keep up with the times. That’s why we always try and stay as up-to-date and modern as we can with our photo booths.

Many people decide against booking a photo booth because they think they’re outdated or tacky. Granted, some still are. If we’re talking about some dusty curtain booth shoved in a corner with no attendant, then yes, we agree. They are tacky. But the booths we provide at Photo Booth Picture Company are always cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. You won’t find any tacky booths in our repertoire.

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