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Private parties are fun and exciting. People are used to going to birthday or holiday parties, but a true private party doesn’t need to fall within these categories. 


If you’re holding your own event, it may be worthwhile to book a private party photo booth.




Engagement is Increased, Bringing Your Party to the Next Level


What’s the crucial element of a successful event? Engagement. One survey found that 39% of event planners agree that engagement is the most important part of an event. And while you may be fully engaged, attendees may not be.


If you want to engage your guests at all times, it can be virtually impossible.


There’s one of you and dozens of them. Photo booths help add to the engagement of the event so that people have something to do during those in-between moments.


Photo Booths Can Liven Up the Event


Engagement and livening up an event seem a lot like the same thing, but they’re certainly not. Some guests are shy, and these people wouldn’t enter a photo booth because they would rather blend into the crowd than stand out.


But these individuals are often dragged into the photo booth.


What happens?




At one private event, this seemingly quiet guy didn’t want to go into the private party photo booth, and someone eventually convinced him to go in. Once he was in the middle of having his pictures taken, his entire demeanor changed.


He was able to relax, laugh and become the center of attention at the event.


If you want a way to liven up your private party, a photo booth can help. There is always that one person that wants to take goofy pictures with everyone. You can use this person’s enthusiasm to really turn the event into something special.


Guests Have Something to Bring Home with Them


A photo booth for parties is a great way to give guests something that they can take with them when they leave the party. Pictures are a great keepsake, and they’re easily printed out or able to be uploaded directly to the person’s social media accounts.


And if there’s anything that’s popular in today’s world, it’s that people absolutely love taking pictures of themselves. Call it vain or silly, but people will:


  • Show their pictures to everyone

  • Post pictures on social media

  • Continue to share your private party for you


When you want to keep the party going or stay in the mind of attendees for months or years to come, a photo booth can help. People really enjoy working to make your event a massive hit during and after the big day, and these special photos can help.


You can book a traditional booth for the event, or you can book models that make it fast and easy to post to social media. There are also 360-degree booths or mosaic models – among many others – that you can book that will provide a little extra pizzazz to your event.


If you’re looking to add a little fun and excitement to your next event, consider a private party photo booth.


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Pride In Our Work

Why We Do What We Do


Photography has always meant something to us. It’s where we got our start, after all. Being able to capture and preserve a moment or memory isn’t something you can get with anything else.  


As everything becomes more and more digital, photography (and by extension, photo booths) have to keep up with the times. That’s why we always try and stay as up-to-date and modern as we can with our photo booths.


Many people decide against booking a photo booth because they think they’re outdated or tacky. Granted, some still are. If we’re talking about some dusty curtain booth shoved in a corner with no attendant, then yes, we agree. They are tacky. But the booths we provide at Photo Booth Picture Company are always cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. You won’t find any tacky booths in our repertoire.


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