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When someone thinks of a photo booth, many times they will first think of a wedding. They will have an image in their mind of a wacky set up designed for silly pictures. They could view them as more of a recreational attraction than a professional one. Yet more people are using a variety of photo booths to help their businesses grow.

Photo booths can be more than just an attraction. They can also be a unique addition to promoting your business. 


Marketing Opportunities

One of the most important parts of promoting a business is branding. By putting a brand on products and materials it associates an image with your business. The easiest way to remember anything is through a simple visual or a catchy tune. This strategy can be used with the help of a photo booth. 


Customers can take their picture with your logo, mascot, or other branded material. Logos can appear right on the print out with the picture. Customizing your photo booth film can help your business get recognized more easily.


The customers will then have a keepsake that they will associate with your brand.  They will look at the image of themselves and attribute that image with them in relation to your brand. Potential customers will consider their photo as something of value worth sharing. They can show it to others and your branding will get even more exposure. 


Customer Engagement

At large events, potential customers are looking for anything that can draw the eye. They are looking for attractions that will engage their interests. If there are more people coming up to you, then there are more potential customers to talk to. The more customers you engage with the more your business can grow. 


A photo booth is both a novelty and a recognizable commodity to a customer. It provides them with something to do that is effortless and enjoyable. It will be something that draws the eye and will get more customers over to you.


Additionally, it is low maintenance so you can have a better chance to engage with your customers. It will not be an event that takes up your attention. If your photo booth becomes a hit, then you can even strike up conversations with people waiting in line. They can see what your brand is all about before they get their picture taken.


Experiential Marketing

Experiential or engagement marketing is a useful strategy. This technique is used to reach potential customers. Offering a branded experience will allow customers to have a memorable encounter. This experience is then tied to an emotional memory. The goal is that potential customers walk away with a positive feeling. They will leave desiring your product or service more.


The photo booth experience can go beyond a singular moment. Customers can post about their experience with your business on social media as well. They may post their photo with your logo saying they enjoyed the experience you provided. It gives them a good memory and helps your business.


Pride In Our Work

Why We Do What We Do

Photography has always meant something to us. It’s where we got our start, after all. Being able to capture and preserve a moment or memory isn’t something you can get with anything else.  

As everything becomes more and more digital, photography (and by extension, photo booths) have to keep up with the times. That’s why we always try and stay as up-to-date and modern as we can with our photo booths.

Many people decide against booking a photo booth because they think they’re outdated or tacky. Granted, some still are. If we’re talking about some dusty curtain booth shoved in a corner with no attendant, then yes, we agree. They are tacky. But the booths we provide at Photo Booth Picture Company are always cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. You won’t find any tacky booths in our repertoire.

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