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Hiring a photo booth for your wedding reception is a fun way to provide extra wedding entertainment, while at the same time, capturing great shots of all your nearest and dearest sharing the day with you!

You can decide to use the photo strips as wedding favors, or provide them alongside more traditional wedding favors. You could also have your guests put them in a wedding guest book along with a message or some nuggets of wedding wisdom. 

But, whatever your reasons for choosing to hire a photo booth to mark your big day, here are some great tips to get the most out of the experience.

Great Timing

Generally speaking, the cost of hiring a photo booth tends to depend on the number of hours you want it for. So, when you are considering your reception schedule, also think about what might be the best time to have your photo booth up and running. Most vendors will allow you to book the booth out for the whole day which is great because you can capture all of the action! But, if you have a more modest budget, the peak time for photo booth photos is after dinner. That’s when your guests are most relaxed, have gotten to know one another better, and are getting into party mode!

Picture Guest Book

A photo booth picture guest book can be a great addition to your reception! You can have your guests add a copy of (at least one) their photos into the guest book, where they can also write a personalized message to you as a couple, a timeless nugget of wedding wisdom, or maybe even a few stories about you as a couple. One thing is for sure… you’ll treasure this book for years after the fact! You might even bring it out every anniversary to keep those memories alive!

Provide Props

We get it, some people are into the sleek, fancy, no props vibe. While that can make for some beautiful photos, you likely already have plenty of more formal photos from your photographer. If that’s the case for you, let your guests play and let loose with some props! People love them, they’re bright and colorful (making for fun photos), they’re great icebreakers and have the tendency to get even the shyest of guests to come out of their shell a little! So we say… Long live props! 

Encourage Group Shots

Couple photos are great, but don’t forget group shots! Have distinct friend or family groups? Make sure to honor them by getting everyone in the booth together! Maybe it’s all the cousins, or grandkids (surrounding Grandma and Grandpa of course), the entire wedding party, the bridesmaids, the groomsman, the aunties, the uncles, and on and on! Whatever groups you have coming to celebrate with you,take advantage of the fact that you’re all in one place at one time and take some photos together! Besides the priceless memories factor, group shots can be a whole lot of fun, as you all cozy up and laugh together, and try to all end up in the photos! Just how many people can you fit in a photo booth? Well, that’s really up to you, and how cozy you’re willing to get!

Be SURE to Use It Yourself!

Sometimes in the busy-ness of the day, and with all your wonderful guests vying for your attention, it can be hard to remember to get in the booth. But, trust us, you won’t regret the time you spend in the booth! You can let loose and have fun and get those more candid shots you’re after… and the photos that come out well into the evening are sometimes the ones you cherish the most! Also, it doesn’t hurt to tell your wedding party (ahead of the big day) to remind you to get in the booth. You’re going to have so much to remember and the day is going to pass so quickly, it helps to have other people giving you loving little reminders of your wedding reception priorities! And, you can also express this to your photo booth vendor, and have them come and give you a gentle reminder (at a set time) if they haven’t seen you in the booth yet. That way you can ensure you make your way over to the booth for some photos! You really don’t want to miss out at your own wedding!

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