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2022 has been a banner year for weddings so far! Seriously!I think that 2022 was busier than the previous two years combined! In fact, this year will be host to approximately 2.5 million weddings nationwide, making it the busiest wedding season since 1984! And, another fact… the 2022 summer season was mostly booked by December 2021! Now, as the 2022 summer wedding season draws to a close, the trend seems set to continue next summer!

So, if you’re planning a wedding in the Boston, Seattle, Connecticut, or New Hampshire areas for summer 2023, it’s best to enquire early and move to secure your wedding date quickly! That way you can avoid disappointment and secure the venue and vendors you REALLY want for your big day!

The Boom that keeps on Booming!

We’re here to tell you that the wedding boom is real, judging by the sheer number of events we’ve been a part of, and new inquiries we’re receiving! After a year (or much longer) of postponed weddings, 2022 and 2023 dates are booking and booking fast, In fact, they’re booking 35-45% faster! 

After years of curtailed activities and cancelled events, guests are eager to let loose and partake in festivities! In fact, according to a recent Yahoo News Study, 97% of people surveyed responded that they’re ready to attend weddings and events again. That means, enter what’s known as the ‘post pandemic wedding boom’. Couples are picking – or rescheduling – wedding dates, sending out invitations and planning the party some have postponed for months, or possibly even years.

Now Here’s What You Can Do About it!

In the past, when it came to booking your wedding vendors, there was usually a standard booking timeline for couples to follow. But when it comes to 2022/2023 weddings, there’s nothing that is standard about wedding planning! These days, the sooner you can select (and secure) the vendors you want to work with, the better!

But, don’t get us wrong, just because you should consider starting the planning process further out from your big day, or booking vendors sooner than normal doesn’t mean you should rush into the decisions! After all, you’re hiring other people to make things happen for you and your sweetheart on one of the biggest days of your lives!

New Wedding Planning Timeline:

  • Wedding Planner: Ideally 18 months to 2 years out, or as soon as you pick a date!
  • Venue: Ideally 18 months to 2 years out. Same timeline as your wedding planner
  • Photographer: As soon as you secure your venue/date
  • Videographer: As soon as (or shortly after) you secure your venue/date/photographer
  • DJ: Ideally 12 months to 18 months out, up from 9-12 months out
  • Photo booth: We recommend booking at the same time as your DJ
  • Florist: Ideally 12 months out, up from 6-7 months before
  • Wedding Attire: Ideally 15 months out, due to supply chain and shipping difficulties dresses can take anywhere from 6-15 months for delivery


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