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Planning on hosting a wedding, corporate event or good old fashioned party?! Get in touch with us, then you can confidently check ‘find amazing photo booth’ off your to-do list! 

Over the years we’ve helped so many clients make the very most of their events with a huge range of photo booth options! So truly, no matter what you’re looking for in a photo booth experience, we have a booth for you!  Keep reading to find out all the fantastic photo booth experiences we have to offer, and see a little of what makes our booths the best photo booth rentals in Seattle!

The Social Photo Booth

The Social Photo Booth is a perfect fit for any high-capacity, fast-moving events! You’ll be able to get a new group into the booth every 20 seconds! And, the ring light-equipped photo booth can create high quality photos, GIFs, or bursts, that guests can instantly send to themselves through text or email, making it even easy for your party guests to share snapshots of their experience in real time!





The Classic Photo Booth

the-classic-photo-boothAt Photo Booth Picture Company, we’ve taken the traditional photo booth experience and made it as perfect as it can be! Our Classic Photo Booth boasts an open booth setup, bringing the photobooth fun out where everyone can see! 

Now, a few more of the details: each photo session lasts 30 seconds, takes 3 photos, and prints 3 photo strips! This allows your guests to have sufficient time to create picture magic in the photo booth while still being able to move guests through efficiently, so no one has to wait in line too long! Also, your brand design, or party design, or wedding design will go on each digital and physical photo, allowing your guests to recall your event long after it has ended.


The Vintage Photo Booth

the-vintage-photo-boothThe first thing we’ll say about the Vintage Photo Booth is that it really is ‘The bees knees’! You get all the fun, functionality and versatility of the Classic Photo Booth, but with a fun vintage twist! So, if you’re looking to hold a  Roaring 20’s or simply like to celebrate history, this photo booth is perfect for you!





The Freeform Roaming Photo Booth

The Freeform Roaming Photo Booth – available in selfie mirror or ring roaming – doesn’t just wait for the party to come to it, it goes to the party… literally! So, if you are planning a large sprawling event with guests all over, or you want the booth to get photos right from the thick of the party, the Freeform Roaming Photo Booth could be the perfect option for you. 

The Freeform is a portable photo booth that allows your guests to take photos wherever they want, all with the ease of pressing a button. So, if you’re expecting large convention centers, large crowds, long lines, the Freeform Roaming is ready to explore and entertain!



The Monday Slow Motion Photo Booth

the-monday-slow-motion-photo-boothWhile it has a similar set-up to the Classic Booth, the Monday Slow Motion Booth provides your guests a unique video and GIF experience. It does this through its unique style of capturing video with our high-speed camera, that captures every second! 

Guests have a few seconds to perform whatever action they want, maybe some silly poses, a fun dance, or even a sweet smooch! Then, our system will slow the video down and your guests will receive a slow motion video of their antics! But, why is it called the Monday Slow Motion Booth? Well… We think that the first day of the work week feels like it moves terribly slowly; so we are reclaiming that feeling and making it into something fun!


The Orbit 360 Photo Booth

the-orbit-360-photo-boothInarguably our most popular photo booth at the moment, the Orbit 360 Booth offers a new and innovative take on event photography. The Orbit 360, much like the name suggests, offers a completely circular view of your group. So, your guests can capture everything from fun movie poses to sweet dance moves! The Orbit 360 Booth will capture it all and make you look like a rockstar in the process!

We can provide a complete wraparound backdrop if you’d like or you can simply use your event as a background. Guests will get a short video as a keepsake with your branding (or design theme) ingrained in the file itself. The Orbit 360 is one of our absolute favorites, is it time to experience it for yourself?


The VIP Badge Photo Booth

If you’re hosting a professional or exclusive event, identification is important! 

Using our VIP Badge Photo Booth takes the normally-bland process of creating ID cards, and instead creates unique and exciting VIP badges for your event! It can be a great ice breaker too! Guests simply come into the booth, smile for the photo, and collect their – instantly printed – VIP badge!  Don’t have the space or time to print the badges at the event? No problem! We can also print badges ahead of time, using uploaded headshots of your guests.




The Wall Mosaic Photo Booth

The simplest way to describe our Wall Mosaic Photo Booth is that we collect your photos and assemble them into a larger image in one of 4 ways.

  • We can print out little photos on site that you stick to our wall during the event to make a much larger image by the end of the event.
  • We provide one or multiple tv screens throughout the event, and the digital photos get added to those screens in real time so you can see the image being assembled virtually.
  • We assemble the printed mosaic off site and deliver the finished product.
  • We integrate with on-site AV companies to display digital mosaics on large LED walls or TVs in the event space.

The Pop-up Studio Photo Booth

Maybe you love the idea of a photo booth, but are looking for a more formal or professional photo experience? That’s the reason we created the Popup Studio. The Popup Studio is a traveling photo studio that comes to your house, office, or wherever you might require its services. Maybe you need new team headshots? Maybe you are hosting a 50th anniversary party and are looking for more formal family portraits? Maybe you’re after that blown out black and white photo vibe, ala Kim Kardashian? 

Our team will set up an appropriate backdrop based on your requirements, then our professional photographer will come in to take some fantastic photos. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know what we need to do to make that happen!




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