Photo Booth Picture Company

When planning an event, a photo booth rental might be the main attraction or just one of several fun features. A photo booth would be useful for any event, including a wedding, reception, birthday, anniversary, family reunion, or festival.

On the other hand, a successful photo booth experience depends on the usage of props. The atmosphere of a photo booth is frequently established by building it and its accessories around a specific subject. It wouldn’t pique anyone’s curiosity.

The use of props makes the photo booth experience more enjoyable and allows you to display your goofier side. Even if you’re uncomfortable being taken, the props in the photo booth could help you get into many poses.

Props produced especially for the photo booth and the occasion are the best photo booth accessories.

The top photo booth picture extras to spice up your event:

Items as Props

Stick props, printable cardboard cutouts, are intended to be shown next to actual sticks. These reasonably priced yet popular selfie accessories will always be at photo booths.

These ornaments, occasionally sold in sets, are ideal for themed events, including birthday parties, conferences, and holiday get-togethers. 

Common design elements include speech bubbles, emojis, mustaches, lips, caps, and spectacles.


Plastic frames are available in various designs and colors; some are even ridiculously large.

For more solemn circumstances, you might want to give your guests goofy glasses so they can have fun without drawing attention to themselves. Going up to a laid-back party with something crazy, like emoji glasses, you could relax and have fun.

Photo booth props like pirate caps, Viking helmets, rabbit ears, rainbow afros, and wigs are required to get people in the holiday spirit.


Props from a rental photo booth made of cardboard or wood are easy to use and improve the visual attractiveness of your photos. As they crowd inside the frame, your visitors will be forced to talk to one another.

There is no restriction on the number of photo booth frames produced to accompany a certain occasion. Think about utilizing an Instagram selfie frame for your company, a Harry Potter frame for your birthday, or a flower frame for your wedding.

When you think of a mask, a masquerade party comes to mind. Of course, masks have a ton of other applications as well!

Even if there isn’t a certain theme, you may utilize the more adaptable and adorable animal masks. Those uncomfortable in front of the camera may relax and have fun with photo booth masks.

3D Prop

You can decide to rent more elaborate, costly photo booth props. The possibilities range from LED lettering to retro-style props.

Work with your chosen vendor or contact event prop rental companies to get the most out of your photo booth experience.

Consider renting some costumes if you want to go out with your theme!

Some occasions offer racks of costumes for visitors to choose from in addition to the photo booth. What a great technique to get people pumped up for any occasion; this will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.

Find out what is available in the neighborhood shops. Even a few rental companies that specialize in costumes will exist.

Customized Props

Despite the wide range of affordable generic modern photo booth accessories, you could choose to create your own.

You could discover that your photo booth seller lacks certain necessary materials if you’re celebrating a lesser-known occasion. Instead, shop online for pre-made items; they are frequently less expensive.

Another choice is to organize a business event, such as a roadshow or product launch, and request that attendees take photographs with objects that feature their brand.

Considering this, you should know that not everyone will feel at ease posing in your photo booth. Some visitors could benefit from props since they may be camera-shy.

A photo booth rental typically comes with various items if you book one. However, you are free to bring your own!


Photo booth rental in Boston is a great way to add excitement and fun to any event. There are many types of photo booths accessible, so picking the right one for your event is crucial. Selecting the proper props for your photo booth rental is crucial since they can make or ruin the experience.

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