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Des Moines is an artistic and historical hub that has incredible event potential. Gorgeous venues in urban environments provide many backdrops for professional and amateur photographers. So what would a photo booth add to a wedding  or event that a photographer alone cannot?

Here are five reasons that a photo booth will take weddings and corporate events to the next level.


1. Freedom of Expression

Photo booths provide guests with the opportunity to express themselves. While candid photos are great, photo booth guests have the freedom to use props or make silly faces. They do not have to feel as though they are taking away a moment. Photo booths help guests enjoy themselves in a creative fashion. Weddings tend to center on the couple. Corporate events tend to focus on professionalism.

Even events on the more casual side like holiday parties could always use a little extra flair. A photo booth allows guests to be themselves. They can show a different side of themselves than what others may be expecting.


2. Capturing Moments

No one wants to be “that person” who is always on their phone at the wedding. Having a phone out at an event is sometimes seen as an impropriety. In the digital age, people want to capture every moment, but often at the cost of sacrificing that moment.

A photo booth is an ideal place for guests to have their moment captured by an outside perspective. Guests have the opportunity to take pictures with others after spending time apart. A photo booth can capture reunions and memories


3. Providing a Breather

The hustle and bustle of a wedding or event can put plenty of stress on hosts and guests. More introverted guests will appreciate the reprieve from socializing.

Even those who love to bust a move will love to take a moment to catch their breath. Group dances and singing at the top of their lungs can take it out of you after all!

Corporate events can be exhausting. There are so many people to talk to or speakers to observe. Private parties can pose the same challenge when there are so many of the same conversations and floating around is not an option. A photo booth can be a safe haven while also being a source of entertainment.


4. Ease of Access

Professional photographers cannot be everywhere at once. They definitely do their best to be though! Wedding photos are generally  taken more for the couple’s benefit. Corporate event photos can tend to be impersonal.

Photo booths provide a way to never forget specific moments. Everyone knows a photo booth when they see one. Many guests will seek them out with friends and family to reconnect or have some fun.


5. Hands-free Entertainment

Weddings have a lot of moving parts. Juggling caterers, florists, DJs, and everything else can be stressful. Wedding planners have so many areas to focus on.

If a couple is not using a wedding planner, then they take on the stress themselves.

This is not ideal.

Corporate events encounter the same issues when coordinating speakers, technicians, and special guests. A photo booth is self-contained and self-sufficient. All that one needs to do is to set aside a place for a photo booth and have an unforgettable experience.


Pride In Our Work

Why We Do What We Do

Photography has always meant something to us. It’s where we got our start, after all. Being able to capture and preserve a moment or memory isn’t something you can get with anything else.  

As everything becomes more and more digital, photography (and by extension, photo booths) have to keep up with the times. That’s why we always try and stay as up-to-date and modern as we can with our photo booths.

Many people decide against booking a photo booth because they think they’re outdated or tacky. Granted, some still are. If we’re talking about some dusty curtain booth shoved in a corner with no attendant, then yes, we agree. They are tacky. But the booths we provide at Photo Booth Picture Company are always cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. You won’t find any tacky booths in our repertoire.

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