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Parties can be expensive, and we know the appeal of freeing up space in your event budget, but it really shouldn’t come at the expense of your photo booth experience! In the grand scheme of things, a photo booth really is only a small part of your budget, but that small expense makes a BIG difference at your party! Let us show you why it’s a good idea to hire a professional service.

You Won’t Really Save That Much

Once you buy or make a backdrop, buy your props, figure out lighting and which camera/tripod to use, your savings will be negligible. A professional photo booth company already has all that gear on hand, and will have the commercial versions of all of it. Quality is important after all. But, it’s not just about the gear. We also have lots of experience using the gear, so we won’t be trying to trouble-shoot problems at your event when we could be entertaining guests.

It Won’t Even Be Half As Good

No offense intended! People start their DIY photo booth experiences with the best of intentions, but quickly find out that sourcing all the materials they’ll need is expensive and time consuming.  There’s a reason that professional gear costs more, and that reason is quality! Why go to all that expense to end up with an experience that doesn’t satisfy? Your money is better spent hiring a professional company and leaving the logistics, set-up and operation up to them.

What, No Prints?

With a DIY photo booth, you’re unlikely to be able to offer your guests prints to take home, and in our experience, people LOVE taking home photo booth prints. It’s all about the prints for some guests! Many guests leave with enough photo booth prints to cover their entire fridge doors, or tuck into every book as a bookmark! Photo booth prints are simply a great take home remembrance of your party. Guests will get a small hit of nostalgia everytime they see them!

It’s All About The Props

People LOVE photo booth props! They’re fun! They’re bright! They’re a great ice-breaker for guests who are a little shy about being the center of attention, and they can really unleash your guests’ creativity, while getting them into party mode… all of which are a good thing! Another thing that props can be, is expensive! We’ve already invested in high quality props and signs, in SO many different kinds and themes. If you were to go buy a comparable amount of props that we bring out to our events, it would end up being a big Bill! Why go to that trouble? Let us help!

It Takes The Pressure Off Of You!

You have enough to think about! The set-up and running of the photo booth shouldn’t be one of them, it also shouldn’t be the responsibility of one of your guests! Everyone should be free to enjoy the party! You and your guests have memories to make, experiences to have, and people to spend time with!! Hire a professional photo booth company and they’ll take care of all of the work for you! They’ll show up at their scheduled time, set-up the booth, run the booth, engage your guests and make sure your booth experience runs flawlessly, all without you lifting a finger! After all…It is their whole job to make sure you and your guests have a great experience!

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